quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2010

Diamond, Bowie, Cookies and I

More than enough for me to share.
You can be a diamond or a heroe just for one day.

Flashbacks of a fool from kaatje on Vimeo.

"What are we going to do now?"
"How about have some old cookies and sing?"
"But Bowie is still inside!"
"We can sing without him."
"...pretending that we're like him?"
"No baby, assuming we are us"
"So should we close our eyes?"
"Hum... close yours."

She closed her eyes and started to sing shyly.
Diamond stared at her and started to laugh.

"What? Don't laugh at me!"
"You're funny. Trying to be Bowie."
"Don't be such a jerk!"

She was completely shy and had no plans to keep singing anymore.
Diamond drew her cookies from her pocket as a gum and offered it to the purple-glittering-jacket-girl.

"You eat some delicious cookies which were made by me and then you start to sing again"
"I am NOT going to sing anymore, you laugh at me!"

Diamond insisted "Please?!".

Diamond smiled and looked for the best cookie to offer.
"Here it is. Try it!"
The purple-glittering-jacket-girl tryed it and had to confess it was the most delicious cookie she had ever tried.

"Now you're a ready to sing again."
"Cookies are not responsible for our vocal ability!!"
"I am not talking about vocal ability. Could you just shut your mouth up and sing?"
"Shhhh.... "
"China girl!" - Diamond laugh.
"What?" - Diamond asked.
"Look who's coming!"
"Oh my god! My man!"
"No, mine! Bowie is my man!"

They got so excited and started to sing out loud! They were like 15-year-old-girls in love.

Diamond's lips were smeared with chocolate. The purple-glittering-jacket-girl smeared her lips too and tried to sing louder than Diamond did.

"You're sooooo silly and don't worry: you're much better than me singing!" - Diamond said.

The purple-glittering-jacket-girl smiled as a child and was pretty sure that she knew exactly how to create magic moments.

"I may tell you a secret." - she said.
"What secret?" - Diamond asked.
"You're going to figure out how to find the perfect balance!"

Diamond was thoughtful.
"How come?" - she asked curious.
"Magic. And that's my secret, not yours."


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